Battery experts for 60 years

With the expertise and technical know-how, GP Batteries International Limited provides energy solutions to meet all consumer needs.

  • One of the largest consumer battery manufacturers in China
  • Annual production of over 6 billion batteries
  • GP batteries are sold in over 1 million outlets worldwide
  • We offer specialized batteries to suit different purposes
  • Other than batteries, we offer powerbanks, flashlights, headlamps, outdoor lighting and accessories
  • We design and sell Red Dot winning products

Powering today
Empowering tomorrow

Battery for the future

At GP, we feel the responsibility to develop more sustainable power solutions.

Continuous R&D effort has been put in to make our products last longer. A GP Recyko battery can be reused a few hundred times or more, saving the planet from single-use batteries.

We are also constantly trying to increase the use of recycled materials in our batteries, and to make our products and packaging more recyclable so as to reduce waste.